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Proven quality at sea

The planning of the AMT boat range started in 2005 from the dream to make a boat which quality would exceed everything and anything on the market. This ambitious idea became true, because it is exactly the quality that has lifted AMT to one of the leading boat brands in Finland.

Quality is something that AMT does not give up on, in any phase of the production, no matter if it regards materials, accessories or finish. The secret behind the no-compromises quality is a high level of Finnish workmanship, over 30 years experience and the production of 30 000 units and the experience that comes with it. The more focus on quality during production, the safer, the more comfortable and the more secure will your boating experience be. The quality can be seen in how the boat acts on water, in the materials and finish, all of these features are top-notch in an AMT boat. The quality also ensures that the boat stays new-looking longer and ensures a higher second hand value many years after purchase.

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Durable than most.

The usability of Faster has been trimmed and fine-tuned in professional use. Police and rescue services has relied on Faster for years. It's stronger than most aluminum boats, the raw marine aluminum is carefree and thicker than the aluminum used by other aluminum boat manufacturers. High sides, sturdy rails and roughening of the deck makes Faster very safe on sea. The genius layout guarantees optimal use even in harder weather conditions, even fully loaded.

For more information on Faster boats can be found here (site in Finnish)