Polaris was founded in 1954 when the production of snowmobiles started. The snowmobiles are today know for their quality and being a forerunner on the market. Polaris was the first to introduce uncoupled suspension with their patented IFS (Independent front suspension) and progressive-rate rare suspension. In the last few years the engine technology has evolved into light, less consuming and more fuel efficient CFI (Cleanfire Injection) two-stroke engines and also four-stroke engines. Polaris is one of the leading snow mobile manufacturers.

In 1985 Polaris started manufacturing ATV's, All Terrain Vehicles. The automatic PVT-transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, the 100% four- and six wheel drive are known trademarks of Polaris. Polaris is also known for its outstanding driving capabilities thanks to the Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Polaris has been given large credit for its many features in magazines and tests in the press in Finland and also abroad. In Finland Polaris has been the market leader nine years running.

The manufacturing of Victory motorcycles started 1998. Victory acquired the highly renowned title of "Best Cruiser" from the magazine Cycle World during its first production year. Victory motorcycles entered the Finnish market in spring 2010.

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Polaris has a wide range of snowmobile models that will fill even the most demanding drivers thanks to its high quality and many features. Within the range you will find a snowmobile model that suits your use and skill level. There are four main groups within the range: The sports models, Crossover, Deep Snow, utility and professional, and the travel and general purpose snowmobiles. There are several models within these groups, so finding the one for you will be easy.

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Polaris Off Road Vehicles

Polaris Off Road Vehicles brings utility and fun together, to an increasing amount of users. They transform into all kinds of tasks, whenever and where ever heavy force is needed. With the gear and accessories the vehicles can be made into multi-use work machines. With the help of these machines you can take care of the snow plowing, sand roads, loading and transporting wood, carry building material and soil, tend to your fields and land and so much more. During free-time Polaris Off Road Vehicles takes you on safaris, fishing trips, travels to and from hobbies, shopping and why not even going to school? In Off Road races Polaris has also acquired a well known reputation.

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Polaris Rangers can be found here.

Pure Polaris -gear and accessories

Pure Polaris - the original accessories and gear designed to be a perfect fit for your Polaris vehicle. Pure Polaris consists of a wide range of accessories, parts, service products, gear, clothes and all you need to fit your needs and desires.

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