Five men decided in the early 90’s to make their dream come true. Their dream was to build the worlds best aluminium boat that would endure the weather conditions of Norther Europe.

To do this they all quit their jobs at their former employer, another boat manufacturer, and started their own business. The first version of this boat won the price for the best trolling fishing boat. After this first successful model the range has grown into almost a small armada. In 2009 Silver was incoporated to the TerhiTec family representing the owners’ will to be the most respected manufacturer of practical boats.

Today you will see Silver boats along the coasts and shores of Finland and an increasing amount along the coasts of other countries. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, for Silver is truly an unique boat: durable and comfortable, a design that combines the best attributes of marine aluminum and reinforced fiber glass, the worlds first AluFibre boat. When buying Silver, one knows that it is a long lasting high quality boat, that makes boating easy and care free, in other words- just add water.

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Silver boats are manufactured by TerhiTec Oy