The President of the Finnish republic inaugurated the largest factory for small boats in Northern Europe in 1972 in a small fishing parish called Rymättylä near Turku. The successtory of Terhi had a flying start as the 10 000th boat was manufactured only two years later.

Korpivaara Oy, who had been the main driving force behind Terhi outboard engines since 1962 wanted to create a boat range to complement the engine sales and started to plan the boat range in the mid 60’s. For Korpivaara Oy, founded in 1917, it was clear from the start that they wanted to make large amounts of high quality and durable boats.

In 1971 Korpivaara Oy founded Konemuovi Oy that started the manufacturing of Terhi a year later. The company had enough courage to be the first in Europe to invest in a brand new manufacturing technology, ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a material that was weather durable, hard, persistent and carefree. The first models were Terhi 240, Terhi 310 and Terhi 390. The range was exported to eleven countries. From the beginning the boat world praised the boats to be not just pretty but also practical. As the manufacturing of Terhi outboard engines seized the boats continued to carry the name Terhi (said to be named after a beautiful Finnish girl) across the world.

Terhis’ unsinkable hull started the concept of practical boats, boats that are made for hard use and designed to stand the extreme weather conditions of Northern Europe. This concept attracted the Otto Brandt group who acquired Terhi in 2005. Otto Brandt who had had a century of experience in leisure vehicles and also experience in importing and manufacturing boats. Today, 200 000 boats later and Terhi who is soon to be 40 years, is still the largest manufacturer in Northern Europe, and the only European manufacturer who makes boats out of ABS. The market, techologies, usage and taste has changed with the years, but Terhi is always afloat. 

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Terhi boats are manufactured by TerhiTec Oy